Transgressive 7 / Прогрессивные Трансы 7 (Jazz Duro, Evil Angel) [2022]

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Год производства: 2022 г.
Anal, Big Butt, Big Dicks, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Deep Throat, Facials, Lingerie, Masturbation, Rimming, Sex Toy Play
Продолжительность: 01:18:50
Режиссер: Jazz Duro
Студия: Evil Angel
Язык: Английский

В ролях:
Scene 1. Julianny Rodrigues
Scene 2. Anny Kelly Close, Isabella Fontaleni
Scene 3. Evelliny Moura
Scene 4. Sabrina Lins, Alex Victor

Director JD delivers six scenes of scorching transsexual decadence: Nine arousing TS beauties star in the provocative "Transgressive 7." Varied action includes seduction of a bold man, solo masturbation and TS-on-TS heat, including an all-trans threesome! Blonde Julianny Rodrigues has a pretty smile and a jumbo butt bursting from her lingerie. Slowly she unveils her big, uncircumcised boner; she strokes it with manicured hands, and it bobs and bounces on its own. Her scrotum flaps as she two-hand faps that thick erection. Julianny impales herself on a pink dildo. Jacking intensely, she ejaculates jets of creamy jism. She rolls her hips, making her still-hard she-cock dance. Shapely Brazilian transsexual starlets Anny Kelly and Isabella Fontanelli kiss, fondle bronze hardbodies, and caress each other's big cock. Anny gives Isabella a blowjob, and the well-endowed brunettes share deep anal reaming. JD captures cool angles as the babes play. Isabella busts her nut first, splattering her belly. Anny spews spunk all over Isabella's junk! Long, lean Latina Evelliny Moura has a lush-lipped, sexy smile, tan-lined tits and a huge, toned ass. She digs into her bulging panties and reveals a thick, hard, uncut prick. In this solo scene, Evelliny stuffs her dick into a vacuum pump, and we can see it grow inside the transparent tube! Her boner looms over the lens and pokes out backward beneath her deep rear crack. She twerks and jerks. Stylish in black underwear and body art, leggy Sabrina Linz flaunts arousing anatomy. Muscle stud Alex Vitor gives her a passionate rim job, and Sabrina gives him an energetic BJ while she beats her stiff girl-pole. Alex deepthroats her big hard-on down to her sac! He sodomizes Sabrina until her spurting semen showers her skin. Alex's sperm geyser coats her chest and splashes her face! This outrageous tryst includes more wet kink. Beautifully hung Isabella and Rayssa Pereira share a threesome with petite, blonde cisgender female Barbara Alves. The T-stunners expose Barbara's big boobs, and Barbara demonstrates slutty cocksucking skill for the fetish-attired trans ladies. Barbara takes a double penetration, Isabella ramming her cunt as Rayssa reams her rectum! Barbara gives ass-to-mouth head. They share a triple-stacked buttfuck Rayssa in Isabella's bunghole and Isabella in Barbara's! Barbara kneels for a dual cum facial. Longhaired T-beauties Marcelle Herrera and Nataly Barbie wear matching lingerie. Blonde Nataly takes a throat cramming and then dives in to eat redhead Marcelle's back hole. Nataly grips Marcelle's glutes and hair, sodomizing the whimpering girl. Marcelle stays hard as aggressive Nataly screws her practically into the floor! Marcelle's meat slam-fucks masturbating Nataly. Both ladies achieve orgasms, and an instant replay shows the cum shots from a different angle.

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